A Frictionless Approach To Scheduling Meetings In Different Time Zones

2 years ago   •   4 min read

By Colton Hicks

Before remote work, we never had to think about scheduling meetings across different time zones.

Now it’s becoming more common to have virtual meetings with people across the entire globe.  But doing "time zone math" is a scheduling headache, as it wastes time and exhausts your precious cognitive resources. This results in missed opportunities to complete important work and make meaningful connections.

Undock makes it easy to schedule meetings across different time zones.  Here's how.

Single-Player Vs. Multi-Player Mode

Undock puts you in the driver's seat of your calendar. You have full control.

And when you're planning to meet with someone, there are two situations you'll find yourself in. You're either 1) scheduling meetings with people who are NOT Undock members, or 2) you're scheduling meetings with people who are.

We call this single-player and multi-player mode.

To be clear:

  • You’re in single-player mode when you’re scheduling meetings with people who are NOT Undock members.
  • You’re in multi-player mode when you’re scheduling meetings with people who ARE Undock members.

Regardless of whether you’re in single-player mode or multi-player mode, Undock makes it easy to schedule meetings across different time zones.

Let's start with single-player mode.

Scheduling In Single-Player Mode

We understand that not everyone is an Undock member.  So we made sure that you can seamlessly meet with anyone outside of the Undock ecosystem.

In Email Scheduling Suggestions And Timezone Dropdown

You’re in email. And you want to propose meeting times without sending endless back-and-forth messages.

Using our Chrome Extension, you can instantly propose meetings in email without having to check your calendar. You can currently do this in Gmail, Outlook, and Superhuman.

When you’re proposing meetings with people in different time zones AND they are not Undock members, this is how we recommend going about it:

  1. Make sure that you've installed the Undock Chrome Extension.
  2. Open an email, and add the participants you want to invite to a meeting.
  3. Then open the scheduling window by hitting the Undock hotkey (the “/” on your keyboard).
  4. Click the “timezone” button to show a dropdown of different times across the globe, then set the time zone to your meeting participant’s location. This is proper meeting etiquette, as it removes your attendee’s need to do “timezone math.” They can decide what works for them on the spot.

5. Propose a maximum of 3 meeting times that work for you.

6. At the end, include a link to your calendar page in case none of those times work for the meeting participant.

This is an efficient way to schedule meetings with participants who aren't Undock members, giving you the perfect blend of convenience, etiquette, and personability.

When anyone sends you a calendar link asking you to do the work, Undock automatically compares your time zone and availability with those shown in the external link. And you can confirm in just one click.

Undock sets the time and sends out the calendar invite to all the participants.

This is the awesome power of our patent-pending AI. This is currently accessible with Calendly and Hubspot booking links. But we're building Undock to understand any calendar or scheduling tool on the planet, and putting you in the driver's seat.

Scheduling In Multi-Player Mode

In multi-player mode, you’re scheduling meetings with people who also use Undock. This is where the magic happens.

Scheduling in email for mutual availability

Undock’s in email scheduling works instantly in multi-player mode.

Our platform compares everyone's availability, preferences, time zones, and scheduling behavior to suggest mutually-preferred times. This makes scheduling instant and seamless, regardless of what time zone someone’s in.

Calendar Pages

When you share your calendar page with other Undock members, they’ll only see meeting times based on everyone’s availability.

Undock lets you customize your availability and calendar page preferences. This involves displaying the amount of time you want to make available to others. Moreover, all of your preferences revolve around your local time zone.

Now, when someone visits your calendar page, they'll only see time slots based on everyone's availability, preferences, and time zones.

Next Steps:

Undock empowers busy professionals and remote workers to instantly schedule meetings with anyone. Start mastering your time and begin scheduling. Visit this link to join Undock for free!

And to learn more about setting up your account, check out our scheduling guide to make sure you set up to get the most out of Undock.

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