Calendars and Accelerators

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Nash

“Acceptance rates for accelerator programs remain competitive with only 3.8% of companies being accepted.”

You have that big startup idea. You make a pitch deck. You apply to accelerators, and you get into one. You’re already ahead of the curve. Now what?

When you’re in an accelerator you'll be shuffling from meetings to meetings, connecting with investors, mentors, experts in certain areas, and program managers. So many meetings, your schedule is shuffled and you don’t know when your next break is to eat, meanwhile coordinating tons of different people’s schedules with yours over email. Your calendar is a hairy mess. Sounds exhausting right? It doesn’t have to be.

Make every minute count because your startup is at the most critical stage of its life, the make it or break it stage and nothing should get in the way of your productivity. You shouldn’t have to expend any mental energy or time working on admin tasks more than you already have to.

Undock solves the problem of scheduling, it is the fastest way to find time to meet with anyone. It’s an all-in-one scheduling and meeting tool, no more finding a time to meet through email and then making a zoom invite and then emailing it back. One simple solution: Undock. Let us take care of the scheduling headache and say hello to the super calendar with scheduling that works like autocomplete.

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