Chief of Staff to the CEO: Managing Availability and Accessibility

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By Nash, David Altman, Colton Hicks,

The Chief of Staff handles several important duties.

Although each executive's needs differ, the CoS role involves making productivity, information, and decision-making processes more effective.

A Chief of Staff is a trusted advisor to the CEO. They keep the company organized and on track. They typically act as a buffer for the executive and must manage inquiries and demands appropriately—handling emails, phone calls, and scheduling important meetings.

They're also responsible for managing the CEO's calendar. They must be able to assess the importance of each meeting or event, and ensure that the CEO's time is being allocated to what matters most.

Many people confuse them as being mere administrative assistants—but no, they're much more.  Chiefs of Staff are confidants who handle delicate matters with a strategic mind.

And with the help of Undock, you can save countless hours every week.

Undock Is the Chief of Staff’s Best Friend

Our modern scheduling and calendar tools are a mix of useful and archaic. Meeting with people and making important decisions shouldn't take an excessive amount of time.

We have subpar options for finding time to meet with someone:

  • Back and forth emails? Obviously inefficient.
  • Assistants? Helpful, but under-armed.
  • Calendar links? Triple-edged sword: Convenient at times, suboptimal at others and in a few cases, wholly inappropriate.

This is why Undock exists. We make it easy for you to schedule important meetings and manage your busy schedule. Here's how.

Be More Productive

Undock suggests the best meeting times based on your preferences, scheduling behavior, and availability.

It leverages smart suggestions and mutual availability to make you more productive.

  • Smart suggestions. Most scheduling platforms treat every free slot on your calendar equally. But this isn't reality. Your availability preferences ebb and flow based on the day. For this reason, Undock’s AI suggestions highlight the best times for you and your guests to meet.
  • Mutual Availability. Undock compares your preferences and availability with other users to find the optimal time. There's nothing better than an instant meeting suggestion that you're confident is not only an available time, but the best time for both of you. Mutual availability considers everyone's busy schedule.

This is scheduling magic.

With Undock, you can customize your meeting preferences to make your ideal schedule come together—preferred time of day, meeting limits, focus time, and much more to make your ideal schedule come together.

Save Time and Schedule Meetings Anywhere You Type

Conversations can happen anywhere, which is why Undock works everywhere:

  1. In email scheduling. Undock is the fastest way to schedule a meeting in email. It's available in Gmail, Outlook 365, and Superhuman. Undock automatically identifies recipients and adds them to the meeting.
  2. Mobile scheduling. You can propose meeting times across apps like Twitter, Linkedin, Email, iMessage, and anywhere you type in your mobile keyboard. This is currently only available on iOS. Android is coming soon.
  3. Across the Web. Undock’s Chrome extension allows you to propose meeting times on your favorite platforms and communities. The list is growing daily.

Here's our CEO Nash showing you how it works:

Next Steps: Manage Your Executive's Availability and Accessibility

If you're a Chief of Staff, your time is just as important as the CEO's. With Undock, you can manage your time more effectively and be more productive. Schedule meeting times that work for everyone with Undock's smart suggestions, mutual availability, and easy-to-use interface. And save time by instantly scheduling across apps, organizations, and time zones.

Get started with Undock today, it's free!

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