Getting Unstuck With Undock

How realizing how much time was being lost due to scheduling enabled me to revitalize my day and achieve more thanks to Undock.

3 years ago   •   3 min read

By Bianca Shea

To say I was at a crossroads was an understatement.

I worked for a phenomenal company, and we were doing all of the right things when it came to connecting with our customers. Most of my days were spent on the phone talking to interested parties who were excited about our product, and what the implementation of it into their lives would mean.

However, another large part of my day was consumed by playing email tag with these parties. Most of my clients were parents first. This meant rapidly changing schedules, and sometimes even splitting meetings up over multiple days due the the rigid nature of their time tables.

Then COVID hit, and just like many individuals out there, it became time for me to quickly and genuinely find my next career move. I read the book “What Color is Your Parachute?” quickly realizing that not only did I not know what color it was, but that I didn't have a chute at all. What was I passionate about? What solution did I want to dedicate the next few years of my career helping to create? About three weeks into my my career discovery journey I was stuck. Quicksand stuck. I was sinking faster by the day into the mindset that I wouldn’t be able to find a company that I was truly passionate about and that I would ultimately take a position for the sake of employment and sacrifice my internal fire. Dramatic? Entirely.

I knew the future of work interested me. I knew that I had always been fascinated by the channels people used to communicate. Most importantly, I knew that due to COVID the way we understood where and how we worked would change for the rest of my working lifetime.

So, like any good startup junkie, I scoured the internet for up and coming solutions. During an incubator's virtual Demo Day a founder came into view wearing a purple shirt that had Undock plastered across his chest. I was hooked  by two very simple, but powerful phrases within the first minute of his pitch.

“Control Time” &  “Predictive Scheduling”

I rewatched the pitch, and started my deep dive into their website. This was a team on the right path, tackling multiple problems with an ever evolving product. This was it.

Why was I so enamored by the phrase "Predictive Scheduling"?

Take my last position, and compile all of the minutes spent going back and forth trying to schedule a standard 30 minute check-in meeting. Then throw in complications such as time zones, familial obligations, hard stops - the list goes on and on. I must have spent days of my life trying to find the right time to connect. Click into calendar, click out of calendar, putting holds in my calendar for meetings that may never happen. Just trying our best to connect the only way we knew how.

Undock allows users to seamless connect from the comfortability of their own inbox. The download of the product is smooth and the integration into your life is exemplary. Whenever I talk to people about how Undock can genuinely change their scheduling habits, I am always met with a positive response and an ask of if they could please skip the waitlist.

Undock is making the phrase, “Well, that could have been an email” into “Wow, I’m so glad we found the time to truly connect”.

Want to instantly schedule meetings without ever looking at a calendar? Undock compares calendar availability and preferences of all meeting participants – regardless of calendar tools, organization, and time zone – to suggest the best time. You should join our wait list here.

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