How To Implement Virtual Office Hours Into Your Workweek

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By Nash, David Altman, Colton Hicks,

It's easy for remote workers to feel left out or isolated from their team.

And without the ability to pop into someone's office to chat, it's tough for them to ask questions, address issues, and discuss important topics. This is where virtual office hours can help. It's an opportunity for remote workers to discuss work-related topics and stay informed on anything relevant to the company.

Virtual office hours are a valuable tool for staying connected with your business network—whether it's investors, partners, new hires, teammates, or customers.

Creating An Open Door Policy

Open door policies help to establish strong communication channels.

This is critical: You'll want to create an environment where people feel comfortable coming to you with questions, concerns, or ideas.

An open door policy fosters trust and transparency between leaders and direct reports. It gives team members the opportunity to bring up concerns, give feedback, and have open dialogue about their work. When you have an open door policy, people feel safe approaching you.

This small tweak in your workplace culture will improve communication, collaboration, and performance. It'll also help prevent small issues from turning into bigger problems.

Virtual office hours will help you unleash this open door policy.

Use Undock To Set Up Virtual Office Hours

Without the right tools, virtual office hours will feel burdensome—you'll spend more time trying to connect with people than actually getting things done.

Undock's core features are perfect for 1-on-1 and group meetings. But we also wanted to create a remote work environment where an open door policy is easy to implement. So we've released a new feature that lets people virtually "walk-in" and wait in a queue to chat with you.

Using Undock's Room feature, you can easily set up and manage virtual office hours.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to your Undock dashboard where you can see your timeline. If you're not a member, sign up for free.
  2. Head over to the "Create" button in the upper right-hand corner. Click the drop-down arrow and choose Room.
  3. Now choose Office so you can have private conversations one at a time while people wait in a queue.
  4. Add relevant information to your office hours—the event title, duration, and other meeting details.

When you create the office hours event, Undock will generate a unique meeting link that you can share with attendees.

And once you're ready for the next guest, they'll get an alert to join the room.

That's it! Undock Rooms create a casual open-door environment for quick check-ins and catch-up calls.

Next Steps

Virtual office hours are a great way to stay connected with others.

By implementing an open door policy, you can improve communication and collaboration in your workplace. Use Undock to easily set up and manage your virtual office hours. Attendees will be able to "walk-in" and wait in a queue for their turn.

Sign up for free to try it out!

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