How To Suggest Time For A Meeting (With Examples)

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By Colton Hicks

What’s the best way to suggest time for a meeting?

Current tools range from being useful to archaic.  Back and forth emails? Obviously inefficient. Assistants? Helpful but under-armed. Calendar links? Triple-edged sword: convenient at times, suboptimal at others and in a few cases, wholly inappropriate.

The ideal scheduling experience gives you control, efficiency, and conveys respect for other peoples’ time.

Your Scheduling Behavior Sends A Social Message

Our goal as busy professionals is more than just getting a meeting scheduled—it's about the relationships you build along the way. And the scheduling experience you provide people is an underrated part of this relationship-building formula.

Here's why.

The way you schedule a meeting sends a "social message." It conveys whether or not you respect someone's time.

The calendar may be "the most expensive social capital negotiation out there." And it can feel overwhelming when people are demanding your time. Now imagine that, on top of already feeling busy and overwhelmed, you're also required to exert enormous mental effort to meet with someone. Maybe they ask you to find time through their calendar link, or they resort to sub-par ways of finding a mutually-preferred time (like endless back-and-forth emails).

There's a better way to make this experience more seamless and remove scheduling headaches.

Let me show you how Undock can help.

The Best Way To Suggest Time For A Meeting (With Examples)

Undock puts you in the driver's seat of your calendar.

It uses “smart suggestions” to make scheduling more seamless. Not every free slot on your calendar is created equal. So Undock’s AI suggestions highlight the most convenient times for you and your guests to see.

You can set preferred times of day, meeting limits, focus time, and more to customize your availability to the world.

Undock also compares your preferences and availability with other members to find the optimal time.  There's nothing more liberating than getting instant suggestions for a meeting that you're sure is not only an available time—but the best time for all participants.

So what does this all look like? And where can you suggest times for a meeting? Watch our CEO Nash break it down:

Undock empowers you to suggest time for a meeting, anywhere you type:

  • Mobile scheduling. Propose meeting times across apps like Twitter, Linkedin, Email, iMessage, and anywhere you type in your mobile keyboard. iOS only - Android soon.
  • In email scheduling. Propose meetings in your email – available in Gmail, Outlook 365, and Superhuman. Undock automatically identifies recipients and adds them to the meeting. You need the chrome extension to use this.

There is no faster way for a busy professional to schedule meetings.

Next Steps:

Using Undock will make the scheduling experience more pleasant and enjoyable for everybody involved. Now you have the power to turn a cumbersome and time-consuming situation into a seamless experience for all participants.

Want more tips on how to take control of your calendar? Check out our article on a frictionless approach to scheduling meetings in different time zones.

And if you want a seamless way to suggest time for a meeting, join Undock. It’s free!

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