How Undock's API Partnerships Can Empower Your Business and Deepen Connections

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By Zero Machina, David Altman, Nash,

A business's success depends on quality connections.

You may want a more engaged community to improve your members' experiences. Perhaps you want to improve relationships with leads and customers to increase profit margins. Or, maybe you want to deepen connections with team members to improve collaboration and motivation.

Whatever your goal, building relationships is key, and Undock's API partnership can help.

What Is Undock's API Partnership?

Every business can leverage the network effect.

This means your value increases as more people engage with each other. Quality interactions lead to more experiences, connections, and access to resources–everyone benefits as your network expands. And you, as the leader, benefit from a flywheel of growth.

Undock's API partnership unlocks this network effect for you.

When companies partner with us, they're able to offer their business network—whether it's their community, prospects, customers, or team—a customized scheduling experience. First, we learn about your unique challenges and goals. We then integrate Undock's technology into your systems to create a customized scheduling experience for your network.

This unlocks deeper levels of connectivity within your network and, ultimately, improved business outcomes.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Partner?

Here are the key benefits of integrating Undock's scheduling software into your business:

1. Built For Your Business: Every company has unique processes and pain points, and this requires a custom fit. We sit down with you, understand how your business works, and customize our API to fit your scheduling needs.

2. Increased Engagement: You'll be offering your network a more engaging experience. Scheduling headaches are removed, making it easier for people to connect with each other.

3. Increased Retention: People will engage with your brand longer. Since our scheduling technology will be natively integrated into your business, your network will connect through your brand.  This is much different than, say, sharing a calendar link and forcing people to connect away from your community or platform.

4. Growth Opportunities:  As your network becomes more engaged and expands its reach, you create a flywheel of growth for your business.  New opportunities emerge as your network becomes more connected.

5. Competitive Advantage:  You gain a competitive advantage by offering Undock's AI-driven scheduling experience natively through your business.  This differentiates you from others in your industry who are still using manual or sub-par scheduling methods.

Next Steps: Deepen Connections and Create Meaningful Business Outcomes

Undock's API partnership is for companies wanting to offer their network a better way to connect and engage.

This benefits two types of businesses–those facilitating human interactions, and those scheduling lots of meetings.

If you think Undock's API partnership is a good fit for you or have questions about the process, then let's connect. Jump on a call with a member of our team.  We'll discuss your business goals and answer any questions you have. And together, we'll decide if our partnership is a win-win.

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