Masterfully Coordinate a Project From Start to Finish With Undock

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By Nash, David Altman, Colton Hicks,

As a project manager or producer, you understand how challenging it can be to see a project through from start to finish.

You must masterfully manage your time, schedule meetings, and carve out work blocks for your teams. Plus, your network on a project is constantly growing—contractors, clients, partners, and other collaborators.  It can be tough to coordinate with everyone, especially across different organizations and time zones.

Undock unlocks mutual availability so you can remove scheduling headaches and make the most of everyone's time.

Scheduling Challenges Hinder Your Projects

There are a lot of moving parts to any project, big or small.

Your success is contingent on coordinating with every stakeholder involved and facilitating the flow of communication between them.  Multiple scheduling headaches await you:

  • Nuance scheduling and coordinating.  Constantly coordinating with internal and external stakeholders is a balancing act.  You need to be in constant communication with everyone to ensure the project is on track, and that everyone has what they need to succeed.
  • Time zone math.  You waste time calculating the different time zones of everyone involved and struggle to find a meeting time that works for everyone.
  • Back and forth emails. This is a time-consuming process that rarely finds the optimal meeting time for all participants.
  • Calendar holds.  You're constantly proposing meetings and throwing out a million holds on your calendar. This is usually a manual process, which forces you to use precious mental resources to keep track of all your proposed times.

With Undock, you can remove scheduling headaches and take charge of your projects.

Coordinating With People Across Organizations and Time Zones

One of the most challenging aspects of project management is coordinating with internal and external stakeholders.

We can help.

Undock suggests the best meeting times based on your preferences, scheduling behavior, and availability. It does this across organizations and takes into account different time zones.

It leverages smart suggestions and mutual availability, empowering you to take charge of your projects:

  • Smart suggestions. Most scheduling platforms treat every free slot on your calendar equally. But this isn't realistic, especially when you're coordinating with various teams and stakeholders. Undock’s AI suggestions highlight the most convenient times for you and your team to see. Set preferred time of day, meeting limits, focus time and more to make your ideal schedule come together.
  • Mutual Availability. Undock compares your preferences and availability with other users to find the optimal time. There's nothing better than an instant meeting suggestion that you're confident is the best time for both of you. Mutual availability considers everyone's busy schedule.

This is scheduling magic.

Avoid Back and Forth Emails

Undock eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails when scheduling meetings.

Searching for an optimal meeting time through a ridiculously long email thread is a huge time-waster, not to mention soul-sucking. And it rarely finds the best meeting time for all participants.

Undock's in email scheduling empowers you to quickly schedule a meeting without ever leaving your inbox.

The best part? If all your stakeholders are Undock members, then the meeting times displayed will be the optimal time for everyone—say goodbye to back and forth emails.

Plus, Undock takes into account calendar holds.

Whenever you propose a meeting time, Undock automatically blocks out that time slot on your calendar. You'll never have to worry about double-booking ever again.  This is an important distinction. Other scheduling tools don't take into account calendar holds, which can often lead to frustrating cancellation emails and having to start the scheduling process all over again.

Remove Scheduling Headaches and Inefficiencies

Collaborative conversations can happen anywhere, which is why Undock works everywhere. We built Undock to save you time by allowing you to schedule meetings anywhere you type:

  1. In email scheduling. Undock is the fastest way to schedule a meeting in email. It's available in Gmail, Outlook 365, and Superhuman. Undock automatically identifies recipients and adds them to the meeting.
  2. Mobile scheduling. You can propose meeting times across apps like Twitter, Linkedin, Email, iMessage, and anywhere you type in your mobile keyboard. This is currently only available on iOS. Android is coming soon.
  3. Across the Web. Undock’s Chrome extension allows you to propose meeting times on your favorite platforms and communities. The list is growing daily.

Here's our CEO Nash showing you how it works:

With Undock, you can avoid scheduling headaches and take charge of your projects.

Next Steps

Project management is a challenging task that requires a lot of coordination. Undock unlocks mutual availability so you can make the most of everyone's time. Now, you can focus on what's most important—delivering a successful project to completion.

Get started with Undock today, it's free!

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