Special Operations Command

There is nothing more intricately woven than how our individual timelines are connected. Everyone on the planet is already working off of the same master calendar, it just hasn't been programmed yet.

Undock is on a mission to build the world's calendar

Undock Special Operations Command is a collection of staff, ambassadors and members committed to bring this singular mission to reality. Our ultimate success is defined by the freedom of time constraints and temporal latitude for our members.

Save the World

Undock, in its small part, strives to save every member a good amount of time. Save the calendar. The objective is concrete. The benefits are yours to explore. Β What moves us are the second order effects of the massive shift in free time for our members. What great businesses will be built? What great art will be born? What new philanthropic efforts will arise? What new connections will be made?

The human experience is grounded by Where & When

We'd like to think we're helping everyone in the world be at the right place at the right time. Thus, creating a new timeline for the world.

Water, Air & Opportunity

At Undock, we're devoted to save the time climate. Time shares characteristics with the simplest elements on earth in that it is available in abundance but not evenly distributed. Along with our community, we'll take our learnings, resources and talent from building the world's first super calendar to clean water and air initiatives.

Undock.org Initiatives

  • Water Supply
  • Carbon Offset
  • Equal Opportunity

By simply using Undock.com, members to contribute to these efforts. Undock has also committed a portion of it's revenue to directly to Carbon Offset. Much in the way that Undock, the product, thrives when we reach a deep understanding of the greater good and how we're all connected - such is the future of humanity.

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