Undock welcomes the X.ai community to join the world's first calendar network

2 years ago   •   3 min read

By Colton Hicks

As you know, X.ai will officially shut down in October and be acquired by Bizzabo. You may be feeling a range of emotions—sad, upset, or just a bit annoyed at the inconvenience.

It’s never fun losing a beloved tool, forcing you to search for an alternative solution.

I still remember when Blockbuster videos were getting shut down. I was devastated! No more exploring those nostalgic video aisles, choosing a movie, and returning home for a fun night with friends and family.

Though Blockbuster shutting down was upsetting, it gave us Netflix—a whole new dimension for entertainment.

Netflix will never replace my Blockbuster memories. But the streaming service has brought a new range of experiences, reinventing the way I enjoy entertainment.

That’s how we encourage you to think about Undock and your scheduling needs. Regardless of your feelings about the acquisition, the question remains the same: As a busy professional, what’s your next step for scheduling meetings and managing your time?

We’d like to share how you can use Undock to make time for what matters most—important meetings, impactful work, and meaningful relationships.

Enter Undock.

The Power Of Undock: Mastering Time

“It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.” - Seneca

Undock is a super calendar for busy professionals—an all-in-one solution that schedules, hosts, and documents your meetings.

Undock solves two core challenges:

  1. “I need to schedule a meeting with someone.”
  2. “Someone needs to schedule a meeting with me.”

Our guess is that you were using X.ai to accomplish at least one of these.  Let me show you how Undock stacks up.

Challenge #1: "I need to schedule a meeting with someone."

Undock helps you schedule at lightning speed—video, audio-only, or in-person meetings. And this is just the beginning. We're still in beta. Buckle up.

Our AI-powered platform will instantly suggest meeting times that consider everyone’s preferences, availability, and scheduling behavior. All this happens with a click!  

While Undock's scheduling features are similar to X.ai, we offer an integrative scheduling solution that puts everything in one place, helping your day run smoother than ever.

For one, we offer a complete scheduling platform—built-in video conferencing, agenda-setting and notetaking. This simplifies your life by empowering your day with seamless collaboration and improved productivity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Instantly schedule a meeting with one click.
  • Before the meeting, use the built-in Agenda to prepare everyone.
  • Undock will generate a secure conference link for all participants.
  • During the meeting, participants can add important notes in real-time. And they'll be saved for future reference!
  • We've even added a chat feature, giving you the ability to share ideas, links, and other content with your meeting participants.

We also know X.ai users loved having an AI assistant. Users could use this scheduling assistant—Scheduler, Amy, or Andrew—to send emails to guests, which suggested meeting times directly in email.

Undock’s AI is called Zero, and it will make an appearance very soon on our calendar network. Our AI platform accomplishes even stronger and faster results while still in public beta. And our in-email scheduling window provides users with an easy and fun experience.

Undock gives your meeting participants a great end-to-end experience—scheduling calls, hosting video conferences, and documenting meetings.

But what if someone needs to schedule a meeting with you?

Challenge #2: "Someone needs to schedule a meeting with me."

When someone meaningful wants to chat with you—team members, business prospects, or networking connections—you’ll want them to immediately book a call before they forget. If the process isn’t seamless, they may push it off into the future. They could put it off altogether!

Similar to X.ai, Undock allows you to create custom scheduling pages that make it easy for guests to book meetings. When someone visits your booking page, they can temporarily sync their calendars so mutual availability appears. This means you can easily schedule external meetings with anyone even when they’re not currently an Undock member, saving you time and mental exhaustion.

But if you're scheduling meetings with a fellow Undock member, our predictive scheduling will find the best times to meet, the first time.

Undock’s scheduling pages empower you to program your time by customizing each page to your preferences—you’ll never have to worry about "zoom fatigue" or over-booking.  Let's say you never want to exceed five meetings a day. Undock gives you the power to customize this external availability to the world.

We empower busy professionals to quickly schedule meetings with anyone—whether you’re finding time to meet with someone, or they’re finding time to meet with you.

Welcome to a whole new paradigm for how you manage your time.

If you're ready to master your time, join Undock for free! Visit this link to get started.

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