The super calendar powering entrepreneurs worldwide

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Brett Petersel

As entrepreneurs, the calendar is the foundation of productivity. You’re taking meetings with other entrepreneurs, VCs, or just participating in general networking. Your time is valuable, so scheduling meetings with the right people matters.

Welcome to Undock, the super calendar for entrepreneurs that makes scheduling meetings faster than auto-complete. We created Undock to help entrepreneurs like you:

  • Find time to meet: Your Undock account allows others to see your public availability, while also allowing you to share private links to your calendar for others to book time with you.
  • Be prepared for meetings: With one click, you eliminate the back and forth hassle of scheduling meetings. Plus, the ability to document, share, and meet happens on Undock, in-browser.
  • Connect on the go: Undock with anyone, anywhere. Our iOS (currently in beta) and Android (coming soon) apps help you meet with the people who matter most.

We empower entrepreneurs to instantly schedule meetings with anyone—whether you’re finding time to meet with someone, or they’re finding time to meet with you.

Undock powers your day with seamless collaboration and improved productivity.

We know your time is valuable, so we want to show you how Undock can be used to make time for what matters most—important meetings, impactful work, and meaningful relationships. We’re an all-in-one calendar platform that simplifies the scheduling process for those you want to meet with (and those who want to meet with you).

Entrepreneurs love our core scheduling power. Stephen Price, CEO of CoFoundersLab, shares that “being in this remote world tremendously impacted my availability, so I needed to take back control of my calendar. Undock allows you to be the master of your time.  That's precisely why I decided to partner with Undock, so that our community of founders could instantly make more time to build their startups, and more easily connect with each other.”

Here’s what makes Undock powerful:

  1. Meet with anyone, lightning-fast, in one click!
  2. Nothing to download. Undock has built-in video conferencing when you need to meet with someone now and in the future.
  3. A powerful Agenda and Notes experience built into conferencing, which makes preparing for a meeting and note-taking during one seamless.
  4. Predictive scheduling to other guests.
  5. Instant mutual availability with other Undock members.
  6. In-email scheduling with Gmail, Superhuman, and Outlook 365 (in-browser) with our powerful Google Chrome extension.
  7. Undock Mobile on iOS app (currently in private beta).

When planning and scheduling, instead of the dreaded back-and-forth, multiple emails or calls to find a time to meet, you allow others to see your public availability with your own customized Undock calendar. Add that to the world’s fastest in-email predictive scheduling, and you find yourself never having to think about your availability again.

Undock has been helping thousands of communities and entrepreneurs become more productive by allowing for easier scheduling and less back and forth. Let us help you do the same. Learn more about the power of Undock.

Sign up for Undock and feel free to find time with us for a demo.

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