Superhuman meets the Undock Super Calendar

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Ghost

Say hello to the most powerful and beautiful duo in productivity and time management

If you’re a Superhuman user, you love speed and simplicity. Fast email. Meet, lightning-fast scheduling. Superhuman users are a special group of people who cherish time, love speed, and crave a beautiful product experience. Few integrations into an email client ever feel completely organic, natural and like it belongs.

When we unveiled Undock Scheduling into public beta late 2020 the number one question people had was “do you work with Superhuman?”. The demand was so high that it made us move it up on our roadmap for integration. Naturally, when we thought about integrating into email clients, we started with Gmail. But it was Superhuman users championing their desire for Undock to work for them.

We heard you.

Undock x Superhuman

We’re excited to unveil the Undock and Superhuman integration, bringing you the most powerful calendar in the galaxy directly into the fastest email experience in the world. It really is a thing of beauty, you’ve got to see this.

If you’re unfamiliar with Undock we’re building a super calendar. A calendar that schedules, hosts, and documents your meetings. An entirely new paradigm shift for the calendar. Undock makes scheduling a meeting as fast and easy as autocomplete. Start typing in your email message, hit the “/” key and the Undock Scheduling window appears directly in your inbox which gives you a one-click superpower to find time to meet with anyone right from the keyboard. This means from Superhuman you can now email Jane and insert times to meet with her without leaving your email or looking at your calendar.

The Superhuman command panel is such a rich feature and Undock blends right into the power of keyboard shortcuts. With the “/” key, specifically, you call the Undock scheduling window to give you the power of finding mutual availability faster than you can hit “C” to compose a new email. It’s pretty fast and we’re just getting started.

How Undock works in Superhuman

There is nothing else like it and we are inviting you to be the first to join Undock and experience it inside the self-proclaimed fastest email experience known to [hu]man.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try Undock today

  1. The fastest scheduling on earth right inside your email
  2. Find mutual availability with anyone in one click
  3. Call on Undock using the keyboard shortcut: the “/” key
  4. The super calendar that schedules, hosts and documents your meetings now works perfectly inside Superhuman
  5. The most powerful duo in productivity and time management finally available

With Undock you reclaim your time. The Undock experience makes it simple, fun, and easy to schedule a meeting with anyone.

If you want to enhance the power of inbox zero with scheduling freedom, get Undock.

Need help getting started with Undock? Please visit our Help Center. Need a guide on how to start using Undock with Superhuman? Visit the Superhuman Guide.

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