Undock I: A Time Odyssey

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By Colton Hicks, Nash,

The story of Undock is a time odyssey -- a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience. It began in 2018 but it launched on November 12th, 2020, where we welcomed the global tech community to witness Undock I, our first public beta for Undock Scheduling. As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, looking back, it seems as though we were planning an interstellar takeover! We knew our mission was much more than just helping people schedule meetings and improving productivity. It was about reclaiming your time so you’re free to change the world. It was and has always been about freedom.

In our view, the calendar is the last untapped “social” network, and our mission is to protect your most precious asset—time. This led to an instinctive decision to launch with a space travel theme, A Time Odyssey.

This launch event is where it all really started. It honors all those who travel through time every day with the intent to use it for the highest good: important meetings, impactful work, and meaningful connections.

This article summarizes the most important ideas that came out of the launch. Enjoy!

Enter the Undock time capsule. Buckle in.

Ignition sequence start: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Liftoff on Undock I, A Time Odyssey.

Undock is a new way to find time

The way we work has drastically changed overnight.

It feels like we're in an endless stream of tediously scheduled meetings. Getting time with your own team feels as challenging as meeting with someone at another company, or another continent. Never mind making time for yourself.

The days are overloaded and any semblance of control has completely eroded. But you never really felt you had time in the office, did you? We've been going about this all wrong.

Undock is a new way to find time. Welcome to predictive scheduling.

Undock unveils stealth AI project “Chrono Type”

Predictive scheduling works like auto-complete. You know when you're typing in an email and the next word or phrase pops up, and you're thinking... “How did it know?” Well, that's how predictive scheduling works. This is the fastest way to schedule meetings.

As you're typing in an email, Undock makes suggestions for meeting times based on your availability preferences and scheduling behavior, instantly.

These suggestions take into account what we know about you, such as:

  • The meetings you've already proposed so you never double-book.
  • The fact that you don't like morning meetings.
  • And would rather not be in video calls back to back all day.

Undock has you covered, and you're in complete control.  This is an incredible feeling.

Smart suggestions & mutual availability

But you're meeting with other people, correct? Undock automatically compares your preferences and availability with everyone else on the email. It doesn't matter if they work at another company, or if they're on Microsoft and you're on Gmail.

We can even make predictions if the other person doesn't have Undock. This changes everything.

Undock is a fast, private way to find time to meet with anyone. That's how we help you instantly schedule meetings without ever looking at a calendar.

But what if there was a force so powerful it took on all comers in all directions, for instance, calendar links?

AI calendar scan

When anyone sends you a calendar link asking you to do the work, Undock compares your schedule and tells you what times work for both of you without you ever leaving your inbox. And you can confirm in just one click.

Undock sets the time, adds a video conferencing link, and sends out the calendar invite to all the participants. And we do the same for any meeting time that's sent to you, just like that.

This is the awesome power of our patent-pending AI. We're building Undock to understand any calendar or scheduling tool on the planet, and putting you in the driver's seat. Picture total recall of your calendar and complete control of your time. Imagine all of your meetings masterfully curated by predictive scheduling.

A closer look at how Undock works

We're dominated by a two-party system (no, not that one). Microsoft and Google.

A majority of your meetings are still scheduled through email, and you likely use one of these calendars. They don't really make it easy, do they? Especially across different organizations and time zones.

So it's high time for a new player. The Undock chrome extension is your fix, and it works directly inside of your existing email and messaging platforms. Let us show you how, and no one does it better than our CEO Nash:

We're bringing the power to instantly process any calendar, date, or time to your fingertips. And it's going to work in email, messengers, LinkedIn, and your mobile keyboard. So even if you already use a somewhat less spectacular tool, I welcome you to join us and our thousands of early supporters.

Undock isn't a scheduling app, it's the most powerful calendar ever built. It's a super calendar. It's a network, and this is just the beginning

The future of work begins here

The future of work begins with Undock Scheduling. As a company, we’re obsessed with time, technology, and people.  Combine that together and you have lightning in a bottle.

With access to Undock, we are empowering our early adopters to sign up for a free Undock account and begin to experience a far easier, faster, and fun way to control your time—time for work, time for meetings, and time for what's most important.

The workday more than ever is inundated with virtual meetings. And the Undock meeting experience starts with the most complicated and yet most overlooked problem everyone faces every day: making time for actual work.

Effective time management and team collaborations mean meeting at the times when people are actually available, and honoring the time set aside for actual work to be done. Undock puts you, the customer, at the center of everything we build and solve for controlling your most precious asset—you guessed it, time.

We are technologists, designers, engineers, builders, business owners, teachers, product owners, project managers, journalists, investors, and entrepreneurs who could see that the one tool we use the most, the calendar, is fundamentally broken. And that is precisely why we are reinventing it.

Starting with Undock scheduling, we invite you on this mission to reclaim your time.

As a company, we use Undock every day to instantly schedule, host, and document our meetings. We're located in three different countries across six time zones, and we're able to turn intent into attendance faster than anyone—and we do it with your privacy preferences and professionalism intact.

It only takes 60 seconds to get started with Undock, and you'll start saving hours of time immediately.

The arc of history has been permanently bent

I can’t imagine a world where mandatory nine-to-five office work would prevail in the long run. And, given the past couple of years, here we are. The arc of history has been permanently bent.

The world is changing around you, and yet, you're still bound to your calendar as days blend into nights, and as work blends into life. We revolve around each other, and the calendar is how we meet in the present. Calendars are recorded history. Calendars spell the future.

Working when you want and where you want requires a high level of coordination and cooperation, and Undock is going to connect all of the world's calendars.

This is the fastest way to schedule meetings, striking the perfect balance between convenience, etiquette, and privacy.

It's a 10x better experience built directly into your workflow. And Undock isn't just putting precious time back on your calendar, we're going to give you the most powerful calendar ever built.

When you get access to Undock, you're the innovator at the cutting edge, and the one responsible for starting this revolution.

We come in peace. Save the calendar, save the world.

Conclusion of the time odyssey launch event

Undock I touchdown. Congratulations to you and the crew on a successful landing. That brings an end to the Undock I time capsule.

While we're a bit biased, we believe Undock I was a success.  But it’s only just begun. The story of Undock is still unfolding, and our mission to empower you with a new reality continues. A reality where you not only command your calendar ... but command your world. A world where time is the ultimate currency.

After the event wrapped up, an attendee made a comment about our launch video: “I feel like I’m watching a Christopher Nolan production.” Even if you missed the event, you can access the full video below:

Undock I: A Time Odyssey Video

And if you want to join us on the next leg of the journey, be sure to sign up for Undock. Don’t miss our next event.

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