Undock Mobile: Scheduling Just Got Faster

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Colton Hicks

Say goodbye to being glued to your computer, and welcome flexibility and freedom.

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. Every day, we communicate with our network via text or social media, and much of this communication involves scheduling meetings.  But there's a big problem: Scheduling meetings on your phone isn't seamless, and sending back-and-forth messages is time-consuming.

That is, until Undock.

Connect on-the-go

Your calendar follows you everywhere you go. And Undock Mobile brings you the fastest scheduling directly to your fingertips.  Whether you’re stepping out to get coffee or running errands, Undock gives you complete control of your time:

  • Schedule important meetings on the go.
  • Get notified about an upcoming meeting.
  • Or join your meetings directly from your phone.

Our mobile application uses mutual availability to find open time slots for all Undock members—you can find the best times to meet, the first time. As soon as the time is approved, everyone's calendar will be updated without any additional work from you.

But what if the person you’re meeting with isn’t an Undock member? We’ve got you covered.  Undock uses predictive scheduling to find suggested times to meet based on your previous scheduling habits.  And, just to be safe, you can instantly share your calendar page link directly with your guest. Even if your meeting participants don’t have Undock, you’ll be able to suggest meeting times that work.

You may be wondering how Undock Mobile gives you this on-the-go scheduling superpower? The secret lies in our Mobile Keyboard.

Schedule at any time, in any app

Undock’s Mobile Keyboard allows you to effortlessly share your availability at any time.  Our keyboard extension empowers you to schedule meetings natively within your messaging applications as you're texting a team member or DMing a client.

Undock Mobile turns your keyboard into a powerful scheduling portal. All you have to do is:

  • Start a new message to the person you wish to meet.
  • Suggest a few available times directly in your messaging app, and include your calendar page link for additional meeting options.
  • Click “send.”
  • They can select the time that’s best for them by choosing a suggested time in the messaging app, or by visiting your calendar page.

It’s that simple! Enjoy lightning-fast scheduling directly on your phone.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Undock Mobile is available for iOS (currently in private beta) and will soon be available for Android users.  Once you download Undock Mobile and set up your account, you can access all your favorite Undock features in the palm of your hand. Organize your calendar, find time to meet, and connect on the go in just a few quick taps.

Take a breath of fresh air as you free yourself from the chaos of a busy calendar. Reserve your spot to access Undock Mobile today!

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