Undock II: Now & Forever

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By Colton Hicks, Nash,

On March 17, 2021, Undock held its second launch event following Undock I, a Time Odyssey.  We gave the public a first look at the calendar network we're building.  Our ultimate goal is to unite people across teams, organizations, and time zones.

An individual member is not the only one who benefits from using Undock. It’s a network effect, so the value of our platform increases as more members join and connect.

This article summarizes the most important ideas that came out of this launch. Enjoy!

Enter the Undock time capsule. Buckle in.

Ignition sequence start: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Liftoff on Undock II, Now & Forever.

The time travelers journey

One small step can change the course of your timeline. But the biggest challenge on your journey is time itself. For instance:

  • Let’s say you’ve produced a handful of songs for famous artists and just need a little more time before you make it big.
  • Maybe you've been barely able to maintain any semblance of a relationship. You just need a little more time before you start your own family.
  • Perhaps you’ve spent two years trying to rescue a dying business and took on a mountain of debt, but you just need a little more time to turn things around.

But you don't wait for your time, you make it your time.  We write our futures.  Our calendars are our commanders and we must defend it with all honor.

No one among us is yet capable of stopping time and reversing it, but we commit ourselves to controlling it. And when we do, it feels like sorcery. Your future is indeterminate, not inevitable.

And it’ll be this way today, now and forever.

Undock helps you construct your day

Undock is fueled by predictive scheduling and it works like autocomplete.  Instead of helping you construct sentences, we help you construct your day.  Wherever you're typing, Undock makes suggestions for meeting times based on your availability, preferences and scheduling behavior, instantly.

These suggestions take into account what we know about you and whoever you're meeting with.  It's the fastest way to get meetings scheduled.

But we want to tell you about the “timeline,” as we refer to it in the Undock Universe.

The Undock timeline

Most of us want more from our calendars. For starters, what if a collaborative agenda and discussion topics surfaced right on your calendar for your next meeting? This would help you make the most of your time.

Also, imagine being able to have your private notes on your calendar, delivering a total recall of your day.

The Undock Timeline is where these features live, and it’s your first glimpse of the super calendar.  And we continue this experience on mobile, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your meetings.

But what about all the meetings that aren’t scheduled? And what if a good time to meet is right now?

Enter Undock broadcast.

Undock broadcasts

Undock broadcasts are a quick way to let people know you're available now, and we’ll be rolling it out in the coming months.  

Think of broadcasts like a private clubhouse for your company or network.  There are two ways you can use it.

For the first option, let's say you wanted to host a company town hall. You can share this with your team, organization, or even private network.  They'll see it on top of their calendar if they're available, or you can simply invite people to drop in. By the way, the Undock calendar has built-in conferencing so we'll host the video or audio call for you.

The second, more powerful use case of using broadcasts is office hours.  Scheduling quick conversations doesn't always make sense, and now you don't have to.  You can just start a broadcast instead.

All you have to do is share your broadcast link or choose who you'd like to have access to it.  People can jump in the queue and we'll ping them when you're ready—it's that simple.  

We have some incredibly powerful controls in the works.  Broadcasts are just one more component of how we'll help you manage your availability.

And now, with your timeline to view these meetings, we give you a simple way to see what's coming.  With broadcasts, you'll spend even less time scheduling, and we can't wait to show you the full Undock calendar experience.

It feels like time travel.  Go to Undock and create your free account today.

What’s driving the power of Undock?

Every suggestion we provide you is filtered through our “mainframe.”  Think of this as a giant neural network of time.  We process millions of inputs and decisions about meeting times around the world.  And when it's time to schedule a meeting, we check the availability and preferences of everyone involved.

For instance, we know who in your network is pretty slammed on Tuesdays, who doesn't like morning meetings, and take into account your team members who are living in different time zones.

Undock will process all dates, times and calendar links through the mainframe, instantly telling you when you're available.  You can even search a calendar link (think Calendly or Hubspot calendar links) for times that work for both of you.  In one click, you'll have a meeting on your timeline.  

Undock is a fast, private way to find time to meet with anyone.  There's no better way to manage your availability, whether you're meeting with clients or hosting office hours for your team.  And arranging a meeting with six people is just as seamless.

We're bringing people together across teams, organizations, and time zones.  And we're bringing predictive scheduling to all your favorite platforms—like LinkedIn, Twitter, iMessage, Slack.

Stay on top of your meetings on our web application, the mobile app, or from the chrome extension.

Focus on the moment, not on scheduling

Undock is designed for how people think about time and schedules—how we review knowledge of the past, schedule the future, and live in the present.  

Soon Undock is solving availability on every platform you can imagine, making the process of finding mutual availability with others easy, fast, and something you simply don't have to think about.  We are building a future where your time is spent in the moment, and not on scheduling. At Undock, building the most powerful calendar in the galaxy means you now have a superpower—the ability to control time.  

The way to control your time is to live purposefully in each moment.  Do that and the years will take care of themselves.  

We're building technology for people who are writing their own story and for anyone building the future—a neural network designed to connect you with the people and information that sets you apart from the ordinary.

Each moment is a new opportunity.  Each moment is how you decide your destiny.  Will you write your future?

When we say save the calendar, save the world—we mean it.  By using Undock, the impact you will generate as a collective network will literally make the world a better place.

Our ultimate mission is to help everyone make time for what's important.  Connect with people and a network that can change the course of your life, and the course of the world. The ultimate leverage is to program your time and live in the present moment.

Time is the ultimate currency. How will you spend it?

Join Undock today.

Conclusion of the Now & Forever launch event

Undock II touchdown. Congratulations to you and the crew on a successful landing. That brings an end to the Undock II time capsule.

Even if you missed the event, you can access the full video below:

Undock II: Now & Forever Video

And if you want to join us on the next leg of the journey, be sure to sign up for Undock. Don’t miss our next event.

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