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By Ghost

Undock, a US-based startup building the world's first super calendar - the calendar that schedules, hosts and documents your meetings have partnered with Twine, a UK-based platform that connects companies with their large global community of creative, digital and marketing freelancers, to bring them the power to control their time.

The creator economy and freelancing community are a leading force of people choosing to earn a living on their own terms. Freelancing allows someone to earn as much as they want. This also means that a freelancer is earning based on the time they invest and output they create. Today, more than ever freelancers can scale their income by creating once and selling over and over. With the likes of incredible platforms like Gumroad, Patreon and others, freelancers and creators can scale their time-to-income ratio.

One of the key things a freelancer who is working with a client requires is controlling their time to accommodate interactions and engagement with the client as well as connect with other professionals to advance their own craft. This requires freelancers to be masters of time management and productivity. Time is money when you’re exchanging your time for earning an income. A superpower to the freelance community is to be able to set strong preferences on hours and days for heads down work and hours and days to meet with clients, other creatives, business administrative support and new prospects.

Enter Undock.

When the ultimate currency is time and freelancers have to design their work weeks to meet, engage, do the work and scale their businesses, you need a tool that makes scheduling time and hosting virtual meetings as easy as autocomplete.

As a freelancer, having the power to schedule a meeting directly in your email body, or send your calendar link to a prospect speeds up the process of connecting with your most important asset as a creative; other people. Undock makes it seamless, easy, fun and beautiful for a freelancer to schedule time with people asking for their availability and automatically connects you into a meeting room which also helps you document the exchange.

Freelancers live for their freedom to work when and where they want. Undock makes it possible beyond imagination. The Undock team is thrilled to partner with Twine to support them in serving their clients, the freelancer community, as well as the entire Twine freelance network.

Welcome to the freedom to freelance.

Freelancers and the Twine network can visit this link to get started.

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