Undock Scheduling: Never think about your availability again

2 years ago   •   4 min read

By Colton Hicks

Finding time to meet shouldn’t be this hard.

The world’s shift toward remote and hybrid work has increased complexity. And if we don’t learn how to take control of our time, we’ll get left behind.

As a busy professional and remote worker, there’s so much to do and so little time. Your success requires that you work in remote teams, collaborate in virtual meetings, and communicate asynchronously.  Mastering this patchwork of online communication will empower you to save time, get more done, and build deeper connections.

There’s a new paradigm for managing your time. Undock’s scheduling power gives you more freedom to focus on what matters most—important meetings, impactful work, and meaningful relationships.

So what makes Undock Scheduling so powerful?

The world’s first super calendar

The one thing we all have in common is that our time is valuable. And we need to use our time wisely if we want to be effective in our lives.

But it’s difficult to manage your time when your scheduling and calendar tools are scattered across different platforms and applications.  When your tools aren’t seamlessly integrated together, it becomes a barrier to productivity.

For this reason, we built Undock to be an all-in-one platform—instant scheduling, built-in video conferencing, agenda-setting and notetaking. This simplifies your life by empowering your day with seamless collaboration and improved productivity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our AI-powered platform will instantly suggest meeting times that consider everyone’s preferences, availability, and scheduling behavior. It works just like autocomplete!
  • Before the meeting, use the built-in Agenda to prepare everyone.
  • Undock will generate a secure conference link for all participants.
  • During the meeting, participants can add important notes in real-time. And they'll be saved for future reference!
  • We've even added a chat feature, giving you the ability to share ideas, links, and other content with your meeting participants.

Undock gives you the power to schedule video, audio-only, or in-person meetings, and gives all meeting participants a great end-to-end experience.

This sounds cool, but how can you use the power of Undock Scheduling in your everyday life?  Here are four Undock scheduling powers you can use to take control of your time:

  1. In email scheduling
  2. Setting calendar preferences
  3. Custom schedules
  4. Mobile scheduling at your fingertips

Continue reading to unleash the power of Undock.

Save time by scheduling in email

Are you tired of sending emails asking “when can you meet?” or “when are you available this week?” We were. And that’s why Undock Scheduling allows you to instantly schedule meetings in email without needing to check your calendar. Skip the email guessing game.

Undock accomplishes this through our Chrome extension, giving you the fastest in-email scheduling within your email’s browser—it’s currently available in Gmail, Outlook 365, and Superhuman (more email clients coming soon).

Our built-in Scheduling Window makes the scheduling process fun and collaborative. I’ll show you.

Sign up and test it out for yourself, it’s free!

I’ll pose a different scenario. Let’s say someone wants to schedule a meeting with you, but you want to set clear boundaries so you retain control of your time.

Here’s how Undock can help.

Control your time with flexible availability settings

You’re busy. And you can't afford to waste time in a meeting that should’ve been an email.  You’ll want to be available for meaningful conversations while setting clear boundaries.

Undock empowers you to set calendar preferences based on your time availability and scheduling behavior.  You can customize this for your personal calendar page.

Let's say you never want to exceed five meetings a day, and you only want to have these meetings from 1PM - 4PM. Undock gives you the power to customize this external availability to the world, and your synced calendars will block any existing event from your calendar page.

Speaking of synced calendars, most scheduling and calendar platforms charge money to allow you to sync multiple calendars (we won’t name any names).  And since most busy professionals use multiple Google and Microsft calendars to manage their day, we allow our members to sync as many as they want, for free.

Also, when a guest visits your calendar page, they can temporarily sync their calendar so mutual availability appears. This means you can instantly schedule external meetings with anyone even when they’re not an Undock member.

But maybe you feel limited by only having a personal calendar page. Well, Undock allows you to create multiple calendar pages for different purposes. We call these custom schedules.

Custom schedules for different meeting purposes

Undock gives you the power to create multiple types of calendar pages for specific needs. You can create these custom schedules for any meeting occasion—some examples are team meetings, mentorship calls, or sales conversations.  This is helpful when, for instance, you only want to have mentorship calls on Thursday and Friday evenings.

When you create a new custom schedule, you can name it whatever you want. Let’s use our earlier example: “mentorship calls”. After labeling your custom schedule, this will generate a unique calendar URL. Then continue to choose how long you want your mentorship calls to be, the days and times you’re willing to be available, and any additional details.

Creating custom schedules for your personal needs will help you avoid over-booking, zoom fatigue, and endless calendar drama.

Now imagine having all this power at your fingertips.

Connect on-the-go with Undock Mobile

Since Undock works in your web browser, you can use it on your mobile device.  You can share calendar pages, schedule meetings, and use our built-in conference rooms on the go.

But we’re taking this mobile experience to the next level. Undock’s mobile scheduling app is in private beta and will soon be available for iOS (Android soon to follow).  This will unleash the scheduling power of Undock’s Mobile Keyboard.

Remember how Undock’s in email scheduling can help you schedule meetings without leaving your inbox? Imagine having the superpower to instantly schedule meetings without leaving a text message or social media DM. You’ll be able to instantly check availability, schedule meetings, and hop into a video conferencing room.

We’re making this whole experience fun, beautiful and faster than lightning. Join the mobile waitlist here.

Undock Scheduling empowers busy professionals and remote workers to instantly schedule meetings with anyone.

Welcome to a whole new paradigm for how you manage your time.

Start mastering your time and begin scheduling with Undock. Visit this link to join Undock for free!

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