Undock steps into the future of learning with Educated Socially

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Ghost

Undock is excited to announce that we’re supporting Educated Socially (EDSO), the social network for education and future of learning, by making it easier than ever for educators to connect with students.

EDSO is an online education platform that encourages peer-to-peer learning by allowing students to have social media interactions alongside curated educational content to enhance their learning experience.

Educators who mostly teach in a virtual capacity have the unique challenge to connect, meet, update and interface with students on a regular basis which makes for a time-consuming part of the job to find time to meet. With Undock, we’re saving educators countless hours every week by not having to think about availability.

A challenge for students is knowing when their instructors have office hours and how they can connect with their peers or faculty. As much as we empower the teacher to control their time and connect with their students, the student also has the power now to take advantage of a teacher's availability and control their own.

Virtual learning has accelerated dramatically since 2019 and the global pandemic has forced educators and students to adapt but this doesn’t mean virtual learning has to be overwhelming or exhausting. When educators have the power to set their schedules and easily direct students to their availability, students feel so much more supported in a virtual learning reality. Undock makes the virtual conference experience easy, fast and beautiful and, not to mention, our video conferencing includes built-in documentation which makes taking notes during a class, study session, 1-on-1, or class mate touch base extremely productive. Those events never leave your Undock Timeline and your meeting notes are easily found whenever you need to revisit them.

Undock creates a unique scheduling and video conferencing environment for education. Zero “Zoom fatigue” because we intentionally designed and developed our video conferencing with no constant self view, making Undock video so much easier on the brain.

Welcome to the future of learning.

Undock is thrilled to work with Educated Socially to empower the future of virtual, social learning.

Educated Socially network, educators and students are welcome to visit this link to learn more and sign up for Undock.

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