Undock welcomes the Rosie community to join the world’s first calendar network

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Colton Hicks

Rosies provide top-notch marketing to clients—whether you’re supplementing in-house teams, tackling a whole project, or a senior leader paving the way for organizational change.

A freelancer earns based on the time they invest and the output they produce. Time is your most valuable asset. And it's hard to find the right balance between connecting with clients, collaborating with other experts, and concentrating on heads-down work.  But that’s why we created Undock—we handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on delivering expert marketing results for your clients.

Rosies are reinventing a new way to work. And Undock is reinventing a new way for freelancers to manage their time.

Enter Undock.

How Undock Empowers Rosie Freelancers

Undock is a super calendar for freelancers—an all-in-one solution that schedules, hosts, and documents your meetings.

Here’s what makes Undock so powerful:

  • Our AI-powered platform instantly suggests meeting times that consider everyone’s preferences, availability, and scheduling behavior. All this happens with one click!
  • Before your meeting, use the built-in Agenda to prepare all participants.
  • Undock will generate a secure conference link for everyone.
  • During the meeting, participants can add important notes in real-time. And they'll be saved for future reference!
  • We've even added a chat feature that allows everyone to share ideas, links, and other related content.

Since you're so busy, you can't possibly keep everyone in your network top-of-mind. So what if someone important needs to arrange a meeting with you? We’ve got you covered.

Undock allows you to create custom scheduling pages that make it easy for clients and other experts to book meetings. When guests visit your booking page, they can temporarily sync their calendars so mutual availability appears. This means you can easily schedule external meetings with anyone, even when they’re not currently an Undock member.

But if you're scheduling meetings with a fellow Undock member, our predictive scheduling will find the best times to meet, the first time.

Rosies can now focus on their expertise—top-notch marketing results for clients!

Undock empowers thousands of freelancers to instantly schedule meetings with anyone—whether you’re finding time to meet with someone, or they’re finding time to meet with you.

We welcome all Rosies who want more time and freedom to focus on impactful work.

If you're ready to master your time, visit this link to join Undock for free!

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