Why Undock is a Founder's Superpower

5 months ago   •   3 min read

By Nash, David Altman, Colton Hicks,

Founders schedule a lot of meetings.

Whether it's with investors, partners, new hires, teammates, or customers—you're always meeting with someone.  But our modern scheduling and calendar tools aren't designed to help founders juggle their busy schedules. Finding time to meet shouldn't be this hard.

Undock empowers you to spend more time building and less time scheduling.

A Founder's Biggest Challenge

A founder must keep multiple plates spinning.

They have to maintain their vision while being pulled in a million different directions. One false move and the whole thing comes crashing down. It's a balancing act that requires skill and experience.

And you can't do it alone. Various relationships keep the plates spinning, whether you're collaborating with partners or asking investors for funding. It's a difficult tightrope to walk, and founders often feel like they're one meeting away from losing their balance.

Scheduling headaches only add to the stress. And this is why we created Undock.

As founders ourselves, we realized that the current scheduling tools are not designed with founders in mind.

We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make time for others:

  • We try sending back and forth emails. But it's a time-consuming process that rarely finds the optimal meeting time for all parties.
  • Sending calendar links is a step up. But they become triple-edged swords: Convenient at times, suboptimal at others, and in a few cases wholly inappropriate.
  • Or maybe we get an assistant to help manage our calendar and schedule meetings. Though a smart move, they're under-armed and end up using the same inefficient scheduling tools.

We need to move to a different paradigm for how we schedule meetings. We need a tool that's designed for founders, by founders.

Enter Undock.

Instantly Find Time With Anyone

Undock suggests the best meeting times based on your preferences, scheduling behavior, and availability.

It can be tough to manage meetings with an already filled calendar. With Undock, you'll feel like a super founder who can schedule meetings with ease.

It leverages smart suggestions and mutual availability to make founders more productive:

  • Smart suggestions. Most scheduling platforms treat every free slot on your calendar equally. But this isn't reality, especially for busy founders. Your availability preferences ebb and flow based on the day. For this reason, Undock’s AI suggestions highlight the best times for you and your guests to meet.
  • Mutual Availability. Undock compares your preferences and availability with other users to find the optimal time. There's nothing better than an instant meeting suggestion that you're confident is not only an available time, but the best time for both of you. Mutual availability considers everyone's busy schedule.

This is scheduling magic.

With Undock, you can customize your meeting preferences to make your ideal schedule come together—preferred time of day, meeting limits, focus time, and much more to make your ideal schedule come together.

Save Time and Schedule Meetings Anywhere You Type

Conversations can happen anywhere, which is why Undock works everywhere:

  1. In email scheduling. Undock is the fastest way to schedule a meeting in email. It's available in Gmail, Outlook 365, and Superhuman. Undock automatically identifies recipients and adds them to the meeting.
  2. Mobile scheduling. You can propose meeting times across apps like Twitter, Linkedin, Email, iMessage, and anywhere you type in your mobile keyboard. This is currently only available on iOS. Android is coming soon.
  3. Across the Web. Undock’s Chrome extension allows you to propose meeting times on your favorite platforms and communities. The list is growing daily.

Here's our CEO Nash showing you how it works:

Next Steps: Become a Super Founder

As a founder, your time is precious. You can't afford to waste it on scheduling headaches.

Undock is the fastest and easiest way to schedule for founders. It makes it easy for you to find time in your busy day to meet with investors, partners, new hires, teammates, or customers. Take control of your schedule and start feeling like a super founder.

Get started with Undock today, it's free!

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