Zero Meetings: Free your time, free your mind

2 years ago   •   3 min read

By Colton Hicks

If you had to choose between making more money or time, which would you choose?

Really think about that question.

You know the saying "Remember, that time is money...." spoken a long time ago by Benjamin Franklin. As he went on to say "....waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both."

For many, making more money is a factor of income stability and for those who have, you tend to lean on wanting to create more time. As we all know, both are a factor of a good life. Arguments aside, to have some money and to have some time is the ultimate freedom.

And so, the strong pursuit in using your time most effectively is arguably one of the most strategic and untapped strategies to indeed be more productive, make more impact and generate more output. As counterintuitive as it may seem, to free yourself from countless input is to demand of your time the opportunity to think, be creative, and ultimately make better decisions.

We like to say that with Undock you can make more of both.

Making more time to focus on deep work will free your mind to greatness. But it's more than just getting the job done—when undocking yourself from endless meetings, you're giving yourself the freedom to change the world.

At Undock, we give you the power to control your time. This means we help you program your days of the week for when you work and when you want to take meetings. Simple, right? Well, few adhere to the power of time. But what if you could simply click a button to say no?

No more meetings on Friday—or any other day.

Now you can.

Introducing Zero Meeting Days.

Why You Should Make Time For Deep Work

The idea behind Zero Meeting Days is simple. Proactively blocking your availability frees you to focus on deep work. What could you accomplish with that time?

This concept of “deep work” was popularized by Cal Newport, who defines it as “professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push our cognitive capabilities to their limit.  These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.”

Newport embodies this ability to concentrate. Only ten years after graduating college, he produced a massive amount of value: publishing four books, earning a Ph.D., writing multiple peer-reviewed academic papers, and being hired as a tenured professor at Georgetown University. The best part? He rarely worked past five or six p.m. during the workweek.

He’s not alone. Psychiatrist Carl Jung, writers Mark Twain and J.K. Rowling, and even practitioners of the Montessori Method have proactively made time for uninterrupted work.

Meetings are essential. And we are building a meeting platform. But endless meetings prevent us from entering a creative flow. Just briefly shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40% of productivity time, according to research.

And once you get distracted, it can take at least 20 minutes to refocus on the task at hand.

It’s gotten so bad that, according to a survey by Clockwise, the average person can’t even focus on deep work for an hour without getting interrupted.

Meetings can be one of the most common forms of distraction.  So our team is taking a stand:  we're starting with undocking from all Friday afternoon meetings, and soon the whole day altogether.

Removing Friday meetings is how we’re exploring how to free up more time for impactful work. Start simple. Block a few hours, maybe a whole afternoon, then an entire day.

Taking time off from endless meetings will give you the freedom to explore, think, create, and as I like to say, even maybe change the world. A more mindful today can create significant change for tomorrow.

Undock’s platform is the control center where you can “Undock” yourself for a whole day or afternoon.  Here’s how you can proactively block your availability and free up time.

“Undock” Yourself From Distractions

Using Undock, it takes 15 seconds to set clear boundaries and make time for deep work:

Step 1: Join

Step 2: Visit your Settings > Preferences

Step 3: Select your preferred meeting availability

It’s that easy!

Zero Meeting Days gives you more time for what matters most, freeing you to create meaningful change in your work, on your team, for your community, and even at home.

As we build Undock, one of the most exciting parts of getting up every day is knowing that with our technology we truly are attempting to give people their most precious asset back. Your time.

Surely together we can learn what a world can look like when we have more time to think. Join the world's first calendar network and invest time more meaningfully.

Make time today, change tomorrow.

Visit to learn more and get started.

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